A&E and Z

A short animation made by young people a the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow.

A Frame of Mind

Stop-motion film made in conjunction with mental health charity Theatre Nemo exploring the issue of depression. Winner of the Blackrock Animation Festival 2011 community film award.

Barlinnie Prison Comic

Two comics made by prisoners in conjunction with Barlinnie Prison, Glasgow, and Theatre Nemo.

Toy Workshops

A collection of toys made with young people in care in conjunction with Arts In The City, Glasgow.


Glasgow Drug Court Project

An animated film and book made in conjunction with Glasgow Drug Court and the Big Issue Foundation. Both were made by people on drug treatment orders and deal with the issues related to drug addiction.

The Barras

Stop-motion animation made with people attending the Lodging House Mission, Glasgow. Made for Theatre Nemo.

Super Sonic Heroes

Comic and animation made with young people a the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Yorkhill, in conjunction with The Young People’s Service and Paragon.

School Daze

Stop-motion animation made with pupils encountering problems at Wellshot Primary School, Glasgow, made in conjunction with With Kids children’s charity.


Stop-motion animation made with participants at Artworks (Big Issue Foundation), an art project for homeless people.

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