Seven Roles of the Music Industry

Animation made for Music Plus, Scottish Music Centre, designed to teach young people about different roles within the music business.


Showreel comprising of excerpts from a variety of commissioned and personal animations.

Music On Prescription

Promotional video made for Music On Prescription, a music-based programme designed to help individuals dealing with depression.


This piece was created as part of Schweinehund, a larger puppet/animation production presented at the Xperimental Puppet Theatre at the Centre for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta, 2011.


Promotional video made for IGLYO as part of their new Inclusive Eduction Index, 2017.

Tinsel The Wee Christmas Goblin

Animation created as a quick Christmas greeting from Blackrock Productions.

The Little Masters

The Little Masters was commissioned as a small series by STV Productions for Sasta, a gaelic children’s programme, which was screened on BBC 2 and BBC Alba, 2009.

Baby Electronica

Promotional video made as part of a larger video for Baby Electronica club night. (2014)


Animation initially created to promote Hectic Beat’s Hard Times, Lines and Rhymes album but later revised for the DepicT animation festival 2011.

Eeting Beauty

Storyboard and artwork created for an animated advert for the Tron Theatre’s Christmas pantomime Eeting Beauty. Screened on STV, 2007.

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